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Friday, May 8, 2009
school's sport day 0comments
yesterday after school,i went back home for bath and rest.after that,i get prepared everything then went to school again.because i gonna overnight in school for green house's camp decoration.i waited kc for a long time.finally,at night,he reached.he got nothing to do so that play with my phone and called somebody,and talked rubbish.then,he went to his purple house for help.i was waiting him to have our dinner.12am,he was finally free to have dinner with me.but when we want to went out,school's gate had locked.so that we didn't eat anything.then i started to find a place for sleep.but somebody were using the sport center and green house's room also full already.so i walked through the school whole night and didn't sleep.early in the morning, when the gate open,we faster go buy a cup of maggie mee to eat.that's my last night dinner and today's breakfast.
7am,many students came.they were asked to gather at tapak for mark attendance.then they walked to house's tent according to their own colour of house.event started.some badan beruniform started marching to the center of the field.and then is 5 houses turns.these 5 houses did their own performance in front of teachers and guests.and then after sang songs,after some people give their speeches,competition started!i watched competition with my friends.and we heard many people shout to support their own houses.
then then then,finally event ended up at 1:30pm.purple house get the first place,yellow house get the second place,then is green house,blue house and red house.red house's decoration was nice and blue house's decoration was yeng!and of course green house's decoration also not bad,so that we get third place in camp decoration.
i went to kanna curry house to have my lunch with my friends after event end.while i am on the way walking to kanna curry house,my slipper spoiled.ziyi tried to help me to fix it but failed.after lunch,i went back home by myself with one side slipper spoiled.the first thing i did when i reached home was wash my hairs!there's still some colour on my hair and can't wash it out,it's difficult to wash it out.and then after bathing only i knew that my fingers were all injured and also my leg.it's pain!but i don't care then went to bed to sleep,because i'm really really tired enough!
i think that's all for today!=)

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Thursday, April 16, 2009
Tagged by WaiYee and HuiLeng 0comments
[A. YOUR …]
1. Favorite Color:
2. Favorite Food:
Mee Goreng.
3. Favorite Movies:
4. Favorite TV Shows:
Million Star.
5. Favorite Actors:
Don't Have.
6. Favorite Book:
7. Favorite Designers:
Don't Have.
8. Favorite Place to have fun:
9. Favorite Singers:
Celion Dion
10. Favorite Country:

1. McDonald or Burger King?
2. Coffee or Tea?
3. Cinderella or Snow White?
4. Dress or Skirt?
No experience.
5. Black or White?
6. Bun or Bread?
7. Garlic or Ginger?
8. Chocolate or Vanilla?
9. Sky or Land?
10. Shop or Home?

List 15 bloggers who are or who were your close friends.
1.Kar Chun
2.Lin Foong
3.Wing Lam
4.Wai Yee
5.Hui Leng
6.Kah Ee
7.Ping May
8.Ie Win
9.Shun Zhi
10.Li Wei
11.Jiun Shen
12.Yien San
13.Zen Yu
14.Zhen Sheng
15.Yi Shiuan
Now, answer these questions.
a) Who is No.1 in love with?
Siew Boon??
b) No. 2 is a male or female?
c) When was the last chat between No. 3 and you?
A few hour ago.
d) Who is No. 4’s favorite singer?
I don't know.
e) Does No.5 have siblings?
f) Is No. 6 single?
I don't think s0.
g) What is No.7’s sir name?
h) What’s No.8’s nick name?
i) Where is No. 9 studying?
j) Say something about No. 10. Anything.
Emo guy.
k) Where is No. 11 staying in?
Sungai Way.
l) What’s No. 12’s favorite color?
m)How you know No. 13?
n) Does No. 14 have a pet?
o) Does No.15 like to study?
Yes.I think so.


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Saturday, April 4, 2009
Tough Day 0comments
Today scout meeting was like usual. Our form 5 senior was the first day of wearing long sleeve uniform to attend the meeting. After open ceremony then we start our marching training. Marching is the though training that i ever meet before. But we was enjoyed during the marching training. Because we keep repeating our mistake and Chang Meng as a commander, he also keep repeating the command that we cant do properly. Finally scouter cant stand for our mistake and give such a weird punishment to us. The punishment was use our fists to support our own body weight for few minutes. Of course we can do it. SENIOR wor~nothing can beat us down. As i expected, he always came out a weird thingy for us to 'try'. After marching training we head to 'stilt tower' that we build for our senior test. It is a very very 'high gei' de tower. We form 5 senior are just like a 'monkey' climb and sitting up there. When my turn to go up, is very scary when look down from up there. Because the height of the tower is about one and half floor of our school level.
That it for today's blog.

~The end~

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